Penny Lane Realty – website design for the leader of real estate market

Working with the leading market players suggests a high level of responsibility for the result and the availability of a special training. After all it is one thing to create the company image from the very beginning, when it is possible to make experiments, the other – to develop it on the basis of already existing and stable foundation considering a lot of factors. On the one hand, there are a lot of data needed for working, on the other – the price for a mistake is high. The miscount may lead to significant image losses meaning in its turn the change of the key economical business marks. To avoid this, the first place takes getting ready beforehand, that consist of thorough market analysis, actual goal and company tasks analyzes. Collaborating with Penny Lane Realty, the leader of the real property in Russia, we used this approach for working out a new version of website design. The result of the preliminary preparation was the scheme of the website upgrading done in the form of a printed presentation with visual images and selected description.
The scheme of website modernization of Penny Lane Realty
Presentation of the design of a new website for Penny Lane RealtyRealty
Plan basis includes the data of statistics and the results of analysis of clients’ interaction, the interaction of potential and active clients of the company and analyses of the existing website version as well as analogical websites. It is called – User Experience. Despite these we have included management’s vision and suggestions, which determine the main direction in business development and long-term goals. We have worked out the whole system on the basis of given information. The main purpose of this system is to improve the quality of interaction among the visitors and the website. It has the list of designers’ decisions and functional innovations, which include profound navigation focused not only on the clients’ convenience but also on the attracting attention to the main company directions. This list also comprises designing the series of visual images which are clearly corresponding to the target image and contributing to the formation of a positive company impression. It also has competent layout of a big amount of elements, allowing it to use the maximum free space and increasing the informational content without the damage to convenient review. As well as other decisions supported by the experience, statistic data and scientific approach.
Main page website design for Penny Lane Realty
Penny Lane Realty is a serious business and a reliable partner for a lot of big companies. It goes without saying that the external view of the website has to accentuate this. That is why we concentrated on the creation of the strict business design. On the whole we can do it by means of discreet colors and rhythmic interchange of simple geometric shapes. During designing we have done a series of icons, symbolizing the main directions of company activities. These images are easily associated and help the user to orientate quickly. Introduction of the single set of visual elements on different pages makes website usage convenient and intuitive.
Icons, worked out for Penny Lane Realty Website.
Website design of real property for Penny Lane Realty.
A lot of companies, which try to expand their influence on the real estate market, are focused on the leaders of the branch. Website design, we have done for Penny Lane Realty, may become a great source of inspiration and an example to follow. Due to provided adaptability of the design, the website is convenient for review on widescreen displays as well as the displays of mobile phones. The website corresponds to the main modern trends, perfectly emphasizing the status of our client and it solves the main business tasks. The goal is reached!
Design of the inner website pages concerning the real estate for Penny Lane Realty
 Mobile website version concerning real property for Penny Lane Realty