MEDCENTER – Branding, website and contents creation.

Taking care is one of the manifestations of human warmth, which can be referred to a special class. It is the embodiment of love for your loved ones, at least, respect for surrounding people. It is great when the website is built on such a noble concept. Medicine center, which was another customer, takes care about its visitors. And we take care about its prosperity.
Logo creation for medicine center
We began to work on rebranding of Medicine center from the main characters: the face of the company – its employees. The new logo represents a four-leaf trefoil on a green background. This symbol is used to show good believes practically in all cultures. It is considered to be a source of good luck helping to save your health and attractiveness. Background is green, which is classical for medical companies. This logo is used for office decoration and internal documentation as well as decoration of corporate clothes. Besides this we have decided to use photos of real Medcenter workers for website designing. We were persuaded: people having been doing such a noble business for so many years are worth representing the company and they have to be depicted and seen by the customers. So we have done a visiting corporate photography. Our intuition was right. All the main characters were in order: logo is easily memorized and has the right associations, workers look friendly and ready to work for the sake of health and wellbeing of their customers.
Корпоративная фотосъемка сотрудников Медцентра
Каждый посетитель, который заходит в медицинский центр, сразу понимает: «Я попал по адресу», ведь стойка регистрации и холл оформлены в фирменной стилистике. Претерпели изменение и другие помещения Медцентра. Врачи с гордостью носят форменную одежду, на которую нанесен логотип компании. Они хорошо понимают, что эта небольшая эмблема - и повод для гордости, и дополнительный груз ответственности. Теперь для всех сотрудников Медцентра четырехлистный клевер на зеленом фоне - это не только символ удачи, но и признак заслуженного доверия, а для клиентов - негласный знак качества и профессионализма.
Оформление приемной медицинского центра
Корпоративная айдентика медицинского центра
В рамках внедрения корпоративной айдентики были созданы канцелярские принадлежности и фирменные бланки с символикой компании. Мы предусмотрели эти удобные мелочи, чтобы они всегда были под рукой. Ведь такие предметы помогают упорядочить работу, экономят время и позволяют сосредоточиться на действительно важных вещах. Не в этом ли проявляется забота?
Оформление деловой документации Медцентра
Website-business card solves the problem of customers’ informing concerning the services and the prices that are offered. Potential visitor can learn beforehand the order of appointments and a lot of other things. Website navigation is visual and easily comprehended. Each doctor has his own page with all the information about his education, experience and services. In such a way each patient can make sure that he entrusts his health to professionals. Service pages include information about technology and equipment which are used in Medcenter. So that to highlight the external design of the website we have created elegant pictures and icons. The best advertisement of Medicine center is enthusiastic reviews of their glad customers, which everybody can see.
Main page design of Medicine center
Adaptive design for the mobile version of Medicine center website
This project was a special story for our team. It was thought over and realized in one breath. Because each of us knows for sure: “Doctors’ labour is especially noble, and it cannot be overemphasized.” It is pleasant to take care of the people who care about the main.