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An integral part of successful business is a good idea. But each businessman knows for sure that even the most perfect thought will be wasted without worthy accomplishment. To avoid this, everyone should work pragmatically, thoroughly and including all goals. Our team has been working professionally with good ideas for many years and we will show how we actually don it using MasterOk project as an example. Let’s start from one of the most important aspects of the company development – construction of brand.
Corporate style for MasterOk building company
Corporate style for MasterOk building company
Perhaps, the most important principle of branding is the compliance of unique visual design of the materials. This principle, better than any other, helps the brand to become recognizable by associations and contributes to its further identification. When this unity is found in all the materials: colour spectrum, used for different elements as well as geometric shapes composing them; - this is the best thing. In its turn, basic elements are used for designing of the corporate style and formalization of the business documentation. For the reason to achieve the uniformity of brand’s elements’ usage, we compile the set of rules, which is called - brandbook. Below you can get information about some statements of this brandbook.
Guide for using MasterOk brand’s elements
Brandbook of MasterOk Building company
Logo of MasterOk building company
If it is needed to make the effect of associations more productive, it is important to choose the right images and symbols as well as combine them perfectly. You will easily observe the range of key details among which you will find combination of geometric forms, symbolizing building tools, and coincidence of the company name with the character image as well as embodiment of approval in the form of corresponding gesture of the character with customary OK. Of course, it is not random.
Character of MasterOk brand
Decoration of POS materials of the building company
Decoration of POS materials of the building company
Speaking about the creation of brand’s principles we distracted from the main – the idea of business. It’s high time to focus on it and its embodiment. If it were possible to show a good idea by scheme in the shape of a dialogue, it would sound like this: “Can you imagine, how fantastically it would be, if something were like this or like that. It would be very convenient!” –says one companion and the other answers: “I agree, it would be great!”. In our case the client’s idea was the following: “Imagine that you want to wallpaper the room. You enter the website, choose the company, colour and pattern, point out the quantity of square meters and press button “to Order”. And you get the ready-made solution: how many rolls of wallpapers you need, the contactors who will do their best of the work and their terms. And such a result you will get everywhere: in plumbing installing, furniture assembly, work related with electricity or painting. The professional will come with all the necessary tools and materials and will do everything perfectly. As a result you will get no remains of the building materials on the balcony, and your repairing “will go with a bang”. And we have answered: «It would be great! What will you say if it is also possible to make your order and check its status with the help of your mobile phone?! If we make the rating of executives concerning each type of work so that the user could estimate their competence! If we will give the list of recommendations and pieces of advice together with the solution! If…” On the whole you have understood what we mean; we went on and went on with ideas. With such an interest the rest is just a technical matter.
Мобильное приложение для строительной компании МастерОК
Адаптивный дизайн сайта строительной компании МастерОК
Дизайн главной страницы сайта строительной компании МастерОК
Of course we could just mention the whole list of work concerning the project, thoroughly relishing each trifle done. But it is not the main thing. Each businessman knows for sure, that the right approach bound with appropriate motivation and respect for your own labour as well as the labour of partners is important in collaboration. You are welcome to contact us; we are always glad to have new acquaintances and exiting ideas.