Branpics – premium photo production

The foundation stone for the development of a greater amount of the companies is selling. In many ways this is the success of the business depends on. Nowadays marketing is also oriented to the traditional means as well as the possibilities, which are available thanks to the Internet. E- Commerce with each coming year more and more influences our everyday life. We buy products, order services, we communicate concerning business by means of computer, with the help of tablets or smartphones. It is economically profitable and convenient. Advertisement and branding got new tools and efficiency of selling began to depend exactly on the quality of contents. As it is important not only to show the product as it is, but point out its benefits, and emphasize its attractive sides. Statistics says about the qualitative and aesthetic al contents which makes conversion bigger and promotes the sales. Brandpics company professionally deals with production of the photos and videos that are sold. In its turn we worked out the strategy of positioning for this company, the range of needed brand’s tools and universal website with adaptive design, which helps to give clients the information about the services, and to demonstrate his portfolio with an advantage.
Working out of the logo for the Brandpics company
Logo of the Brandpics company
Дизайн визиток для компании Brandpics
The name Brandpics is component. The first part “brand” is translated as “brand”, the second means popular abbreviation for “pictures”. The right translation will be- the pictures for the brands. In such a way the name informs about the specialization of the firm. At the same time it is sonorous and easily comprehended. Brandpics company works in segment B2B , that is why design of brand’s elements is done in a business style. Strict and laconic form of the logo is universal. The emblem symbolizes camera, meaning the activity of the company. It is meant that it can be used together with the name of the firm as well as separately. It is especially convenient while designing accounts in the Internet, where the main demand is to use not big images for the avatar. We have worked out the list of recommendations for Brandpics, concerning positioning on the market, for the reason to increase the efficiency of business communication with clients. They deal with website design, system of promotion, visual images the company is bound with, etc.
Фотосъемка для сайта Brandpics
Клиенты Brandpics: производители одежды, аксессуаров и других товаров, их дистрибьюторы и торговые представители, специализированные и мультибрендовые интернет-магазины. Как правило, они ориентированы на контент-маркетинг, ведут собственные блоги и активную деятельность в социальных сетях, поэтому постоянно нуждаются в новых уникальных фотографиях, анимированных изображениях, видеороликах и других визуальных материалах, привлекающих целевую аудиторию, увеличивающих лояльность и продажи. Чтобы установить с ними продуктивные связи, мы разработали для Brandpics систему интернет-продвижения, включающую поисковую оптимизацию, ведение аккаунтов в социальных сетях и медийную рекламу. Разумеется, это предполагает, что значительная часть посетителей будет заходить на сайт с мобильных устройств. Поэтому мы предусмотрели адаптивный дизайн, который подстраивается под экраны различных гаджетов, учитывая их разрешение. Одна из главных ценностей, которую предлагает Brandpics своим клиентам, - это высокое качество изображений. Поэтому особое внимание мы уделили отображению портфолио. Во время создания сайта мы использовали ряд дизайнерских приемов. Теперь фотографии выглядят привлекательно не только по отдельности, но и хорошо сочетаются между собой, формируя визуальный ряд, оставляющий приятное впечатление.
Design of the main page for the Brandpics website
Website of Brandpics company, display on the tablet
Website of Branpics company, display on the smartphone
 Adaptive design of Brandpics website
It is not surprising that clients began accessing Brandpics company before the official start of the website. Thanks to professional approach to branding, thoughtful positioning and to the choice of tools for promotion, we succeeded in getting the proper feedback. The foundation stone for the development of Brandpics is reliably located on its place. Now when the beginning is laid and the sales are controlled, it’s a high time to concentrate on the further development of business. But as they say, that is another story.