Bazanda – design of the real estate aggregator website

Try to call to mind your favourite service in the Internet, please. What makes it special? Why has this website become your favourite one? Perhaps you like to travel and this website helps to save your money looking for the tickets and hotels. Maybe you like to listen to music or you get satisfaction communicating with the persons holding the same views while using hematic portals. Possibly you indulge in sports and watch important match broadcasts with a great pleasure. Perhaps this website is your irreplaceable assistant in work? Nevertheless it brings you some benefit and appropriate advantages. Working out the design, we always do our best fulfilling our client’s key ideas in such a way that the service gets its rightful place among Internet tabs and happy users are not tired of admiring the conveniences and advantages using the service. This article is devoted to our contribution to the creation of website, the greatest aggregator of offers on the market of luxury housing for rent. It’s not the first time we work with the audience which has increased requirements to the level of quality and aesthetics of internet services. website was made for such people and this has its marks.
Main page design of the service
Mobile version design of the website
On the previous stage we have thoroughly learned the arrangement of the database and have worked out website logics. Systematization of the data into groups allowed getting a clear content structure as well as simplifying the search and navigation. The visitor can see suggestive hints at once due to which he or she can easily get oriented even if he or she uses this website for the first time. You need to do several cleeks indeed in order to get the sample of actual suggestions. Of course, it impresses on the spot.
Preliminary model and design of the service pages
Each model is thoroughly elaborated. To make the list search convenient, special filter is provided. Thanks to the skillful arrangement of pages, the whole amount of the necessary information concerning objects, conditions of rent and agents’ contacts can be easily seen. Design is adapted to screens of different sizes, which makes this website convenient for usage by different devices. Mobile version is specially optimized including phones’ productivity and touch control. In such a way the speed and availability of the website have been got. Besides the whole functionality has been preserved.
Outlook of website on the tablets
Mobile version design of service
Design of the service fulfills its’ main functions very well: it makes the website intuitively understandable, universal and convenient for using. This is exactly how the creativity of the PIX media specialists works: to find elegant solutions, which will ideally suit clients’ goals realization and will be appreciated by ordinary customers. We have done everything possible to give great chances to become one of the favourites of its visitors.
Design of interface for service.